Nabertherm presents brand new product series at CERAMITEC: Compact debinding and sintering furnaces for laboratory applications and additive manufactured components

LH 120/13 DB

Ahead of the official market launch in May, Nabertherm is showcasing the new LH..DB product series at this year's CERAMITEC in Munich, which sets new standards in the heat treatment of ceramic parts and additive manufactured components. The compact furnaces were developed not only to debind and sinter conventionally manufactured ceramic components on a laboratory scale, but also to meet the thermal post-processing requirements of additively manufactured components. The furnaces can be easily converted from air atmosphere to operation with inert gas, which offers a wide range of applications for debinding and sintering 3D-printed metallic and ceramic components.

During the debinding phase, the DB debinding package guarantees the highest safety standards. Outgassings from the material are diluted and reduced to a non-ignitable atmosphere in the furnace by preheated fresh air, which minimizes potential risks and ensures a smooth process flow.

With the LH..DB series, Nabertherm offers an innovative complete solution that is not only versatile but also easy to operate. The furnaces will be available in two sizes with furnace volumes of 120 or 216 liters and for maximum furnace temperatures of 1200 or 1300 °C. When using the optional gassing box, processes up to 1100 °C can be performed.

For more information about the LH..DB series and our further products for debinding and sintering, please visit us at CERAMITEC in Munich or send us a message using our contact form.