Sustainability at Nabertherm

Moreover, we ensure that our planet’s precious resources are used sustainably to produce top-quality and reliable partners for your work.


All of our kilns are hand-made at our factory Germany, using the best available materials. In our kiln production, we not only pay attention to the careful use of our valuable resources, but also make an important contribution to sustainable energy generation ourselves.

With around 2450 solar modules, our state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, installed on the roofs of our production halls, has a powerful output of 999 kWp! This covers a significant part of our electricity requirements and reduces our CO2 emissions by 705 tons per year. We are thus taking another important step towards climate neutrality.

We live sustainability!


Have you already invested in a photovoltaic system as your contribution to sustainable energy generation and would like to use this energy to operate your kiln? Every controller in the 500 series can be switched to “Solar Mode” and utilize electricity from photovoltaic systems with and without a battery. A specially tuned control response ensures that the delayed switchover times of solar storage systems are taken into account in the control system. As opposed to other solutions on the market, in solar mode, our controllers work with two switching points, which reduces temperature overshoots. This produces more uniform and improved firing results, especially with hold times. The "Solar Mode" can be set so that the oscillation behavior of the controller for heating ramps and hold times is considered separately. This ensures the best possible balance between short heating times and precise temperature control in the hold range. 

Solar mode can be activated on all 500 series controllers and can be used for all electrically heated kilns.

Photovoltaics for sustainable firing results!


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