High-Temperature Furnaces with Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements and Refractory Brick Insulation up to 1700 °C

Robust refractory brick insulation and special backing insulation.

Process Control

Function and equipment


High-temperature furnaces HFL 16/16 - HFL 160/17 have a sturdy cladding made from refractory insulation. This design offers better protection if the process produces aggressive gases or acids, such as when glass is melted. 

  • Like high-temperature furnaces HT, except:
  • Tmax 1600 °C or 1700 °C
  • Robust refractory brick insulation and special backing insulation
  • Furnace floor made of lightweight refractory bricks accommodates higher charge weights
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive

Additional equipment

  • Cooling system to cool the furnace with a defined temperature gradient or with a preset fresh air volume. Both operating modes can be switched on and off for different segments by means of the extra function of the controller.
  • Thermocouple inlet with screw cap
  • Thermocouple for the heating control with calibration certificate
  • Protective gas connection to purge with non-flammable process gases (not completely gas-tight)
  • Automatic gas supply system with solenoid valve and rotameter, controlled by the extra function of the controller
  • Lift door
  • Automatic door lock incl. door contact switch
  • Heating elements protected against mechanical damage
  • Ethernet interface

Technical specifications

ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions1 in mmConnectedElectricalWeight
 in °Cwdhin lWDHload in kWconnectionin kg
HFL 16/161600200300260161010890199012.53-phase2530
HFL 40/161600300350350401140940226012.53-phase735
HFL 64/161600400400400641240990231018.53-phase910
HFL 160/16160050055055016014101240249021.53-phase1290
HFL 16/171700200300260161010890199012.53-phase2530
HFL 40/171700300350350401140940226012.53-phase735
HFL 64/171700400400400641240990231018.53-phase910
HFL 160/17170050055055016014101240249021.53-phase1290
1External dimensions vary when furnace is equipped with additional equipment. Dimensions on request.
2Heating only between two phases


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Customer Test Center

What furnace is the right choice for this specific process? This question cannot always be answered easily. Therefore, we have set up our modern test center which is unique in respect to size and variety. A representative number of furnaces is available for tests for our customers.