New Furnace Family NAT

We are very pleased to introduce a new member in our product family.

For many years we have received inquiries from customers about high temperature forced convection furnaces as tabletop models. Until today, we had only our TR ovens for the temperature range up to 300 °C and our model NA 15/65 which often is not large enough. 

We really appreciate that from now on we are able to offer the new product family NAT which will close the gap between the TR ovens and the NA furnaces. The NAT series is a new development which will be available for temperatures of 650 °C and 850 °C from now. 

What is different/what is new?

- Integrated control unit
- Air inlet in the rear wall of the furnace
- Adjustable exhaust port in the furnace ceiling (not for NAT 15/65)
- Overtemperature protection via temperature selection limiter
- 15 mm port in the furnace ceiling (not for NAT 15/65)

More detailed information you will find on the product page: Forced Convection Chamber Furnaces - Tabletop Design | Nabertherm