New Laboratory Catalog

We are very pleased to present you our brand new catalog "Laboratory".

You will see that this is not only a catalog update but indeed a full revision. That starts with a completely new look. Concerning the structure our catalog is now divided into different chapters for each furnace family. As a result, you will have a much better orientation if you look for a specific product. On the entrance pages of each chapter you will find the table of content and the product features which are valid for all products of the chapter. The product pages inform clearly about the major product advantages.

Of course we have also presented several news with the catalog. Different new standard sizes for our drying ovens and chamber dryers round off the product range. A new table top model of the forced convection chamber furnaces up to 850 °C is now available. The gas supply systems for our tube furnaces have been revised and expanded. These are just a few of the technical innovations in our laboratory furnace program. For further information please download our new catalog here.

Please enjoy reading as well as working with our new catalog!