PLC Controls

HiProSystems Control and Documentation

This professional process control with PLC controls for single and multi-zone furnaces is based on Siemens hardware and can be adapted and upgraded extensively. HiProSystems control is used when process-dependent functions, such as exhaust air flaps, cooling fans, automatic movements, etc., have to be handled during a cycle, when furnaces with more than one zone have to be controlled, when special documentation of each batch is required and when remote service is required. It is flexible and is easily tailored to your process or documentation needs.


Alternative User Interfaces for HiProSystems

Process control H500/H700

This basic panel accommodates most basic needs and is very easy to use. Firing cycle data and the extra functions activated are clearly displayed in a table. Messages appear as text. Data can be stored on a USB stick using the „NTLog Comfort“ option (not available for all H700).

Process control H1700

Customized versions can be realized in addition to the scope of services of the H500/H700. Display of basic data as online trend.

Process control H3700

Display of functions on a large 12‘‘ display. Display of basic data as online trend or as a graphical system overview. Scope as H1700