Series 500

Series 500

The controller series 500 impresses with its unique scope of performance and intuitive operation. In combination with the free “MyNabertherm” smartphone app, the operation and monitoring of the furnace is even easier and more powerful than ever before. The operation and programming takes place via a high-contrast, large touch panel, which shows exactly the information that is relevant at the moment.

Standard Equipment

  • Transparent, graphic display of the temperature curves
  • Clear presentation of the process data
  • 24 operating languages selectable
  • Consistent, attractive design
  • Easily understandable symbols for many functions
  • Precise and accurate temperature control
  • User levels
  • Program status display with estimated end time and date
  • Documentation of the process curves on USB storage medium in .csv file format
  • Service information can be read out via USB stick
  • Clear presentation
  • Plain text display
  • Configurable for all furnace families
  • Can be parameterized for the different processes

Controller Hochkant Neu


In addition to the well-known and matured controller functions, the new generation offers you some individual highlights. Here is an overview of the most important ones for you:

  • Modern Design - Colored display of temperature curves and process data 
  • Easy Programming - Simple and intuitive program entry via touch panel 
  • Integrated Help Function - Information on various commands in plain text 
  • Program Management - Temperature programs can be saved as favorites and in categories
  • Segment Player - Detailed overview of process information including setpoint, actual value and switched functions 
  • Wi-Fi-Capable - Connection with the MyNabertherm app

Basic Controller B500/B510

  • 5 programs / 4 steps
  • Up to 2 settable functions
  • Calibration option (10 base points)
  • Touchpanel
  • NTLog (Real-time clock)
  • USB interface



Like Basic Controller, but

  • 10 programs / 20 steps


Like Basic Controller, but

  • 50 programs / 40 steps
  • Up to 6 settable functions
  • Up to 3 zones, charge control, cooling
  • Logical and continuous control of heating