ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main a Complete Success - New Products Presented

At this year's Achema 2018 in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, Nabertherm once again exhibited its advanced products for laboratory and analysis technology. A large number of customers visited our booth, requesting information about the latest laboratory and industrial furnaces.

Nabertherm not only continuously develops its existing products but also works constantly on developing new product families. For example, this year the company introduced a family of compact, well-priced muffle furnaces for a maximum temperature of 1400 °C. The familiar high-temperature furnaces with SiC heating were extended with a larger model with a capacity of 16 liters. Another new product is a compact oven with a volume of 30 liters to complement the TR product group. The new ashing furnaces in the L..BO series are a particular highlight. These furnaces have an integrated post combustion system to incinerate and clean the organic exhaust gases that are produced.

Once again, the focus of discussions at the trade fair was that Nabertherm uses only insulation materials that are not classified as carcinogenic according to TRGS 905, Class 1 or 2 in the production of its furnaces. This change in the range was already implemented two years ago. Consequently, Nabertherm remains a pioneer in the area of furnace production technology.

All new products and features can be found in the new Laboratory catalog.