Rotary Tube Furnace for Heat Treatment of Powders and Granules in Hydrogen Atmosphere

Based on the lab-scale rotary tube furnace series for continuous processes, Nabertherm has developed a furnace which allows for heat treatment of powders / granules under various protective or reaction gases as well as in vacuum. It is equipped with the well-proven safety system for flammable process gases; a fully automatic, unattended heat treatment under hydrogen at max. 1300 °C is achieved.

Up to 5 liters of powder can be filled into the hopper. From there, it is channeled into the rotating work tube via a screw conveyor at a controlled speed. It passes through the furnace and  is removed from a collecting container after processing. Due to various feasible atmospheres in the work tube, this multi-purpose furnace can be used for various processes, for instance in material research for non-ferrous metal powders.