Nabertherm SARL in France: Celebrating 25 Years of Successful Innovation and Growth!

After last year's 75th-anniversary celebration of Nabertherm GmbH, the excitement is still on as Nabertherm SARL in France marks its 25th anniversary this year. As the French subsidiary of Nabertherm, the team has built a remarkable industrial segment for the company and participated in various exhibitions and trade shows, making it an integral part of the company's global positioning.

Since its founding on May 1st, 1998, the French team has been dedicated to serving and supporting Nabertherm customers and wholesalers in France. The establishment of the subsidiary was a clear indication of the significance of this key market for the company.

Today, France remains a vital sales market for thermal process technology solutions and a global leader in the market. The Nabertherm team in France serves customers from diverse industrial sectors, institutes for materials technology, universities and technical colleges, as well as dealers in Arts & Crafts, Dental, and Laboratory. Working closely with the 70-strong design team in Germany, the French team offers suitable thermal process solutions for every application, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Over the past 25 years, Nabertherm SARL has established close ties with many important customers from industry and research, thanks to the team's dedication and special efforts. Nabertherm expresses its sincere gratitude to the team in France, MERCI BEAUCOUP for their remarkable contribution to the company's growth.

As the company looks ahead to the future, Nabertherm SARL remains committed to providing innovative solutions to customers in France and building long-lasting relationships. Here's to more successful projects and milestones in this key European market!