Nabertherm Control Center - NCC

PC-Based Control, Process Visualization and Process Documentation Software

The Nabertherm Control Center as PC-supported furnace controls offers an ideal extension for furnaces with PLC based HiProSystem controls. The system has proven itself in many applications with increased demands on documentation and process reliability and also for convenient multi-furnace management. Many customers from the automotive, aviation, medical technology or technical ceramics sectors have been working successfully with this powerful software.


Standard Equipment

  • Central furnace management
  • Graphical furnace overview of up to 8 furnaces
  • Tabular, clear program entry (100 program locations)
  • Charge administration (article, quantity, additional information)
  • Connection to the company network
  • Adjustable access rights
  • Online monitoring of the heat treatment
  • Tamper-proof documentation
  • Malfunction message list, adapted to the furnace model
  • Archive function
  • Delivery incl. PC and printer
  • Measuring range calibration of up to 18 temperatures per measurement point. Multi-stage calibration is possible for applications with normative requirements.

NR 300

Additional Equipment

  • Reading in charge data via barcode
    • Simple data acquisition, ideal for frequently changing charges
    • Defined charge data ensures data quality
  • Recipe storage with charge comparison
    • Comparison of charge and recipe to increase process reliability
  • Adaptable access rights or access rights via employee cards
  • Software extension to fulfill documentation requirements according to norms like AMS2750G (NADCAP), CQI9 or Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Part 11, EGV 1642/03
  • Interface for connection to overriding systems
  • SQL connection
  • Redundant data storage
  • Cellular connection or network connection for notification via SMS, e. g. in the event of malfunctions
  • Control from different PC workstations
  • Configuaration as industrial PC or virtual machine
  • PC cabinet
  • UPS for PC
  • Customization according to individual requirements

NR 80