Nabertherm Control Center - NCC

PC-based control, process visualization and process documentation software

With the Nabertherm Control Center, a PC-based control system is offered as an ideal extension for furnaces with PLC-based HiProSystem control systems. The system has proven itself in many applications with increased demands on documentation and process reliability and also for convenient multi-furnace management. Many customers from the automotive, aviation, medical technology or technical ceramics sectors are working successfully with this powerful software.

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Basic Equipment

  • Central operator interface in modern design
  • Overview and central operation for up to 8 furnaces
  • Convenient program management with 100 programs
  • Simple, intuitive operation of the PC user interface
  • Access management with 3 user levels and as many users as required
  • Charge data input for each furnace operation
  • Start times can be specified in order to pre-plan heat treatment cycles
  • Tamper-proof, encrypted storage of charge documentation 
  • Live view of current furnace operations
  • Archive with overview of performed cycles
  • Search function for charge data and temperature curves of performed cycles
  • Report function to assess the process as PDF or printout
  • Delivery includes PC, monitor and printer

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Aviation/Automotive Design

  • Documentation according to AMS2750G (NADCAP) and CQI-9
  • Integration of additionally needed thermocouples according to instrumentation type as a switching condition (e.g. start “hold time”)
  • Instrumentation type adaptable by customer
  • Choice of programmed or continuous operation
  • Automatic adjustment of the monitored value for overtemperature protection of the charge
  • Calibration for all elements of the measuring section in several temperature ranges
  • Calendar function for SAT, IT and TUS measurements

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System Overview

With several connected furnaces: 

  • Overview on actual process values and messages for the connected furnaces
  • Symply switching to the furnace overview by selecting a furnace


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Furnace Overview

  • Clear presentation of status information and process values of the furnace/furnace system
  • Display of charge information, current value and setpoint, as well as remaining time of the active program
  • Direct access to live view, furnace settings and control of furnace functions
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Program Input

  • Intuitive program input with plain text fields and clear symbols for the furnace functions
  • Free text fields for program name and additional information
  • Adjustable number of segments (by default up to 20 segments), function to insert and delete individual segments 
  • Preview of the setpoint curve for created program 
NCC - Programmeingabe

Charge Preparation

  • Information texts for guided charge data entry
  • Program selection with display of the program name and additional information
  • Preview of the setpoint curve for selected program
  • Entry of charge data, operator ID and free text fields for additional information
  • Start times can be specified in order to pre-plan heat treatment cycles
NCC - Chargenvorbereitung

Process Documentation

  • Charge and process data is output displayed graphically as a trend, encrypted and saved on the PC in CSV format
  • Documentation can be tracked by entering the charge data
  • Preview of the setpoint curve for selected program
  • Automatic report generation at the end of a process cycle in PDF format with charge data and temperature curve
NCC - Prozessdokumentation

Extension Options

  • Enter charge data via barcode
  • Simple data recording, ideal for changing charges
  • Ensure data quality with defined charge data
  • Compare charge and program to increase process reliability
  • Access rights via employee cards
  • Software extension with documentation according to the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Part 11, EGV 1642/03
  • Interface to connect higher level systems (OPC-UA), SQL connection, redundant data storage
  • Control from different PC workstations
  • Available as panel PC or virtual machine
  • PC cabinet with UPS for PC
  • Further customization possible on request