Process Data Storage

The following options are available for industrial process documentation and the recording of data from several furnaces. These can be used to document the process data for the PLC controls.

Data Storing of HiProSystems with NTLog Comfort

The extension module NTLog Comfort offers the same functionality of NTLog Basic module. Process data from a HiProSytems control are read out and stored in real time on a USB stick. The extension module NTLog Comfort can also be connected using an Ethernet connection to a computer in the same local network so that data can be written directly onto this computer.


Temperature Recorder

Besides the documentation via the software which is connected to the controls, Nabertherm offers different temperature recorders which can be used with respect to the application.

  Modell 6100e Modell 6100a Modell 6180a
Data input using touch panel x x x
Size of colour display in inch 5,5" 5,5" 12,1"
Number of thermocouple inputs 3 18 48
Data read-out via USB-stick x x x
Input of charge data   x x
Evaluation software included x x x
Applicable for TUS-measurements acc. to AMS2750G     x