New Catalog “Thermal Process Technology 1, Furnaces and Heat Treatment Systems for Processes in Air”

We are very pleased to present our brand new catalog "Thermal Process Technology 1, Furnaces and Heat Treatment Plants for Processes in Air".

You will see that this is not just an ongoing update, it's a complete overhaul. It already starts with the completely new design resulting in an optimal orientation when looking for the right product.

Of course, numerous new products should not be missing from the catalogues.

The series of heating cabinets and drawer furnaces have been introduced as completely new products for ​​thermal process technology. Our new NAT product family rounds off the product range of bench-top convection chamber furnaces.

On top of this, there is an updated and extensive product range of furnaces and ovens with safety technology EN 1539 for processes in which solvents or other flammable substances with fast evaporation are released and vaporized. The new catalog now shows a very wide range of products for tempering aluminum and steel, optimally suited to process requirements and charge sizes.

For more information, you can download our new catalog here.

We hope you enjoy reading and working with our new catalogue!